Geared motors

The MULTIFORM range comprises one-stage and two-stage worm gear transmissions as well as two-stage and three-stage spur gear transmissions.

All transmission types are equipped with 550 W DC motors as standard. They all feature aluminium alloy housing and ball bearing-mounted shafts. The internal components are precision engineered and each type has threaded holes for mounting on all faces bar the drive face. Base plates and flanges are available as optional extras. MULTIFORM gear systems are filled with synthetic lubricant and do not usually require any subsequent lubrication during their service life.

The high-performance section of our range comprises worm, spur, bevel and flat gear motors manufactured by Spanish producer PUJOL Muntala in a power range of up to 173 kW and a torque range of up to 5000 Nm with a transmission ratio of up to 10,000 : 1.

These geared motors stand out through solid workmanship, reliable and smooth running properties, high compatibility with other geared motors and large type variety.