Retrofit refers to the process of modernising and/or upgrading an existing system and usually comes into consideration when replacement parts are no longer available or machine downtimes begin to increase.

A retrofit ensures the system's operability and increases both productivity and availability.

The first step is an exact analysis of the equipment to accurately ascertain its functionality and special features. This is usually carried out when the machine is running under normal operating conditions. The technology to be used is determined in consideration of safety issues and the switching cabinet is designed accordingly. Certain processes can be tested in a test environment once programming is complete. This is necessary to guarantee the shortest possible interruption of operations. Adherence to the schedule depends on solid preparation and an expedient implementation of the upgrade and subsequent commissioning.

INDUR's years of experience with retrofit assignments, for instance in the field of converting non-stop winders/unwinders, are impressive proof of our competence in the segment.