New installations

From project planning to switching cabinet construction and programming to commissioning: INDUR takes on decisive tasks on behalf of the machine manufacturer to achieve a perfect result. Strict quality demands go hand in hand with optimum energy efficiency and economic viability.

Exact data is ascertained on the basis of the relevant physical key data such as speed, force, torque and dynamic behaviour and used to design the drives and select the right components.

Once this phase is completed, switching elements and software are selected to ensure that the components are reliably controlled and regulated. This engineering approach and the use of the latest technology guarantees the efficient and reliable operation of the new equipment. The role played by machine and personnel safety is an ever-expanding and complex topic that is given due consideration right  from the start. Commissioning the installation on site is the highlight of every project and an opportunity for the INDUR team to prove itself as the ideal partner through timely completion and technical competence. It is also the phase where the interplay between proper configuration, accurately dimensioned hardware and efficient programming becomes apparent. Visualisation can take the form of simple operating controls, touch panels or multi-station SCADA systems depending on the installation's complexity and degree of automation.

INDUR's global service and after sales network guarantees that our customers' investments maintain their value in the long term.